DAB+ System Architecture …

The DAB+ system architecture comprises the following parts:

Contribution network

The contribution network delivers the studio or play-out data (audio and data) streams to the multiplex centre(s) and is illustrated below:

National and local multiplex centre sites

National and local multiplex centre sites generate/multiplex the national and local transport streams (including respectively the national and local services) which are subsequently delivered at the transmission sites by means of a distribution network (see next item). The following figure  illustrates the design of the data flow diagram for the National Multiplexer and Transmitter Site (a transmitter site is included because the multiplex centre is located at one of the main DAB transmitter sites):

National and local area distribution networks

The distribution networks deliver the national and local transport streams at the transmitter sites. The following figure illustrates the national distribution network:

Transmitter sites

At the different transmitter sites the transport stream is de-multiplexed into the different DAB services and subsequently broadcast. The following figure illustrates a full system transmitter site: