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July 2022: IEEE Broadcast Technology Publication on Linear Television Broadcasting over 5G Networks

The IEEE Broadcast Technology magazine published an article, co-authored by Peter Walop (CoCoCo) and Les Sabel (S-Comm Technologies), on  several important technical, regulatory and business considerations for carrying linear television services over 5G networks, including unicast and broadcasting mode (5G BC). The full magazine can be downloaded here, with the article on pages 28-37.

March 2022: Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), Digital Broadcasting Symposium (DBS) on Linear Television Broadcasting over 5G Networks

CoCoCo (Peter Walop) and S-Comm Technologies (Les Sabel) presented several important technical, regulatory and business considerations for carrying linear television services over 5G networks, including unicast and broadcasting mode (5G BC), during the 2022 Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), Digital Broadcasting Symposium (DBS), 21- 24 March 2022. The presentation can be downloaded here. Publication of Part 1 of the article in the ABU Technical Review magazine can be downloaded here, see page 7-10.

November 2021: Network Planning and Service Deployment Considerations for ATSC-3.0 services

In this article CoCoCo and Progira review several important network planning and service deployment considerations for the introduction of ATSC 3.0 digital television services. A concise overview is provided of the key ATSC 3.0 system features. The unique system features, such the wide range of Modulation and Code rate schemes (MODCOD), Layer Division Multiplex (LDM) and Channel Bonding, are reviewed on their practical implications in a network planning exercise. The article includes insights on the current retail prices of ATSC 3.0 receivers, as well as service deployment considerations for carrying out the ATSC 3.0 introduction in stages, easing the impact on consumers. Finally, some regulatory measures are addressed, which are directly relevant for ATSC 3.0 broadcasting network operators and service providers to consider. The full article can be downloaded here.

June 2021: Position Paper on the Transition to Digital Radio Broadcasting

For the Spectrum Management Authority in Jamaica a position paper was developed on the transition to digital radio broadcasting. The report addresses the available technologies for delivering audio services (including internet streaming, hybrid radio, (F)eMBMS and 5G Broadcast), the international developments on digital radio broadcasting, receiver availability and pricing, network costs, as well as the options available to Jamaica for introducing such services (including system, spectrum and licensing options).  The report also includes a Roadmap for the introduction of digital radio broadcasting services and recommendations on industry collaboration. For more information please contact us

September 2020: ITU report on LTE and 5G spectrum harmonisation

In the framework of the Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA), and on behalf of the ITU, a study was conducted on spectrum harmonisation, sharing and refarming. This project is to promote the introduction of more wireless broadband services (LTE and 5G/NR) in Africa. A comprehensive report was drafted and it covers the following bands; 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 1.4 GHz, 2.3 GHz, 2.6 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 26 GHz band and the upper frequency range 37-71 GHz. The report addresses the necessary technical and regulatory conditions for sharing and coexistence of IMT services and other services in the aforementioned bands. The report also covers best practices for refarming incumbent services and the funding of these refarming efforts. More information

10 May 2020: CoCoCo Regulatory Framework

CoCoCo developed a comprehensive regulatory framework for National Regulatory Authorities or Administrations in charge of regulating the telecommunications, broadcasting and interactive media services. The framework provides insight in the functions and processes applied in such regulatory bodies. It also provides a library of valuable reference documents and project examples. Go to CoCoCo regulatory framework

1 May 2020: CoCoCo Point of View

This CoCoCo Point of View addresses the need and cost of regulations. Regulators introduce costs to market players. It is vital that a regulatory agency produces benefits that outweigh the costs. The regulator should aim to minimise costs and market distortions. An ICT regulator should also have a clear profile and remit. Finding the proper level of regulation is a balancing act for any ICT regulator. Go to CoCoCo Point of View

12 December 2019: 700 MHz clearance project

Final Report on the clearance of the 700 MHz Band in Thailand. Comprehensive report on the development of a new frequency and implementation plan for redeploying the five Digital Terrestrial Television networks in Thailand. For more information Contact us

15 November 2019: Digital TV implementation plan

Delivery of a comprehensive implementation plan for clearing the five digital television networks from the 700 MHz band in Thailand. The plan coordinates the operational implementation between the four network operators as to avoid spectrum incompatibilities, reduce costs and to meet the clearance deadline. A Google Earth tool was developed for providing insight into the complex network changes. Also milestone plannings were developed for coordinating the implementation effort and for various mitigation and roll-back scenarios.

1 November 2018: Digital Dividend report

An ITU report on the Digital Dividend and the impact on spectrum management. The report defines what the digital dividend is, when and how it has become available and its importance . This will be followed by detailing the main spectrum management constraints and their impact on digital dividend allocation and its availability. Furthermore, the various aspects of the national decision-making process for spectrum licensing and valuation is addressed. For downloading the full report click here

12 August 2018: Report on securing the Digital Dividend in ASEAN

A GSMA report on Securing the Digital Dividend across the entire ASEAN. The report finds that there are three key factors which are holding back the availability and allocation of 700 MHz to IMT services in ASEAN. They are delays in the DSO; cross-border co-ordination issues; and how the 700 MHz band, once it is available, should be allocated. For downloading the full report click here.

12 August 2018: Seminar on securing the Digital Dividend in ASEAN

GSMA on the “Securing the digital dividend across the entire ASEAN” report. For website publication click here.

3-5 July 2018: Seminar on 5G Implementation in Europe & CIS

Peter Walop key speaker at the ITU Regional Seminar on 5G implementation in Europe and CIS. For event website click here.

5 & 26 January 2018: Workshop on the future of Cable TV in Europe

Peter Walop key speaker at the ITU workshop on the Future of Cable TV in Europe and author of the final report. For the event website click here.

18 May 2018: Community television in Thailand

Project video on the deployment of  community TV in Thailand on the basis of digital terrestrial TV broadcasting. For watching the video click here.

25 January 2018: Future of Cable TV in Europe

ITU report on the Future of Cable TV in Europe. The report provides a detailed overview of the trends in the cable industry and includes the outcomes of the ITU Workshop “The Future of Cable TV” held on 25 and 26 of January 2018. For downloading the final report click here

2014 Report on the Transition from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting

The international Guidelines of the ITU on the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting. The report covers the technological, regulatory and marketing aspects of the migration from analogue to digital television. For downloading the 2014 edition click here.

Interactive Multimedia Services in Asia-Pacific

A comprehensive report of the ITU on convergence trends in the telecommunications, media and smart device industries. The report covers the technological, regulatory and consumer behavioral aspects of convergence. For downloading the report click here.