Converged Licensing Framework …

The Converged Licensing Framework (CLF) is especially developed to cater for the new convergence developments such as Over-The-Top (OTT) delivered broadcast and telecom services, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) based services. The CLF is based on a four-tier licensing model, including the license category (i.e. Network Facility, Network Service, Application Service and Content Service license), type (i.e. Individual, Class or Code of Conduct) and assignment method (i.e. Competitive bidding or First Come First Served). This four-tier licensing model is displayed below:

For determining the appropriate license category, type and assignment method four service evaluation steps have to be followed. These four steps are illustrated in the figure below:

The above illustrated Steps include decision trees and regulatory/economic concepts such as Relevant Markets and Significant Market Power (SMP)The decision tree for Step 2 is illustrated below: